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Pierre Cardin, is the most established brand all around the world with holding 900 different product licences in 140 countries. Strong brand image as within its genes, Pierre Cardin has become the most wanted brand in office furniture by consumers. With modern industry understanding and following recent trends, Pierre Cardin has put ethical and honest values above everything and is moving forward to become one of the most distinguished name in sector. As Pierre Cardin our priorities and goals; It is our duty to provide suitable solutions in order to match our consumer demands. Pierre Cardin Office Furniture has begun its journey with prestige and quality within its genes and introduce reasonable price list to its consumers. Merge between consumers trust in our brand and our corporate identity is in fact an important factor. Pierre Cardin is building strongly its corporate identity every each day in furniture business.
Mod Design, founded in 2002 to produce furniture designs against ordinaryity, was born as an innovative interior architecture company. Rapidly growing since the first day, Mod Design has emerged with the brands of Rubi by, Office and Seperation Systems that specialize in their own sectors, with a variety of products that have grown over the years and responded to different needs. Rubi by, launched in February 2014, is a leading brand in its field with its solutions for specific needs of call centers. Rubi by is a system that aims to keep productivity at the highest level in call centers. In the developing world, it is to become a national and global direction-oriented company to produce furniture, separation and personal office systems with modern quality designs with human focus by qualifying offices and to be in line with the principle of sustainability. As a leading furniture manufacturer in the sector with qualified products to meet the unmet needs of customers is to have a say in the world It is sustainable, original, focused on employee satisfaction, productive, effective, creating difference.
Piddo Design has been providing quality service by supporting the 8-year production experience with project design and implementation for 2 years with the increasing demand from the private and public sectors. It serves with its products, production and distribution channel, which brings the quality of life to the highest level and makes it easier to design user-oriented living spaces. With its entrepreneurial R&D and design team, it continues to produce all around the world, design-oriented and in line with European quality standards. Today Piddo Design, conception outside of Turkey the products and services are exported to many countries as well. Its collections, which have been designed within the institution for more than 10 years, become the common point of different cultures around the world. Piddo Design; offices, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, banks, airports, etc. It is preferred for common use and high circulation in general places with its specially designed product designs and materials. Today, Piddo Design continues to develop product and space solutions for many big institutions with its expert team. With its products with ergonomics and simplicity in design, expertise in design management, high quality logistics from sales to delivery, Piddo Design is a brand that facilitates the investor's business with its interior architect, architect and engineer staff. Working with an experienced, quality, sustainable and customer-oriented design approach, Piddo Design will continue to work with passion.
Safart Wooden Decoration San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Co .; Adopting the production of correct, complete and quality products as its target, accepting the duty of producing at international standards and adopting the happiness of its customers and all employees as a principle, our warm nests witness all our secrets, making it a principle to manufacture doors, kitchen cabinets and panel furniture, armchairs, sofas. is an organization.
Started its activities in the export operation in 2008, our company continues to progress in the work area when the target market to grow its expanding Maxad Group operates under the umbrella. Although the main activity of hotel furniture, has a good knowledge about the hospital and turnkey construction works, such as after rough housing. In particular, the Middle East has serious work experience in acquisitions in the market, it has been launching new projects every day. In this context, to earn foreign exchange to our country and contribute to new employment. Company headquarters is in Istanbul, recently the Middle East and aims to open offices in African countries.
Architecture Siss Mimarlik has engaged in architecture, decoration, contract and construction applications, planning, feasibility, consultancy and project management areas since 2013. In our designs and applications, subjects are considered alwaysunder the company motto of ‘Accuracy in details reflect on the beauty of entirety’ . Performing applicable and economic solutions with innovative and creative concept is our main principle. Works, overtook by our company, starts with research, survey and design of structure or concept. All functions and subjects are realized in compliance with the specific preferences of individuals or companies. Designs and projects are constructed by using recent construction technologies under professional management and organization sense and constructions are completed and delivered only after accessories of decoration designs are finished. Textile Having been established as Oasis Tekstil Danismanlik in Denizli in 2002, our company had operated as a representative company which was responsible from exports on European countries until 2013. Since 2013 company has operated with domestic and foreign companies both in architecture and in textile industries by merging with Siss Mimarlik. Siss Production is an experienced company which gives services in designs, r&d, supplies, productions with its successful substructure. Company has manufactured staff clothing, uniforms for its valuable customers in various quality and designs since 2016. Besides this, company gives services with its wide product range including home textiles (towel, bathrobe, bed linen, hotel and sauna groups), sport clothing and outerwear.
Lux Proje was established by one of the finest long experienced craftsmen in the field of furniture in general and furnishing Project management and implementation in particular. With 20 years of experience in this field, our company assured on recruiting the best high professional standards and strong valued team to fulfil all our clients’ needs starting by receiving and studying the project Layouts and ending by delivering a Turn-Key project covering all the requirements of furnishing from A to Z, in addition to our after sales service including warrantee for the offered materials and maintenance if required. Based on our company’s motto “You Dream it, We Make it”, the concept of grouping all activities under the scope of one General Contractor for Finishing Works, in lieu of subcontracting them separately, provides the Client several advantages and comfortability coordinating between all finishing trades under one responsibility; making the client deal with one company for interior designing, furnishing and custom made furniture manufacturing, covering all the requirements of the project from “Wall to Wall” and meeting all of his project requirements. Lux Proje has carried High Grades Finishes projects as 3-4-5 Starts hotels, Conference palaces, Private palaces, Commercial buildings, Offices, Residential buildings etc. It has executed turnkey projects including Interior and Architectural Design works and provided consultancy, coordination, construction management and procurement packages for large projects.
Indoor Life offers a wide variety of personalized possibilities making your house the true expression of individuality, modernizing the concept of the door and remodelling simple room separators, so that they become primary home furnishing elements. Our company has been manufacturing doors through the professionalism of a profound craftsmen like tradition, an experienced team with some 17 years of experience and a constantly modernizing technology. Targeting unlimited customer satisfaction, Indoor Life has developed a quality product, joining together beauty and efficiency, accurateness and the necessity of a punctual, fast and efficient production. Thanks to its experience and to the importance given to the most innovative techniques by understanding the newest tendencies and trends, Indoor Life offers items with an ideal blend of classic and modern. Indoor Life's highly specialized team assures the precise and functional details of each product, selecting the top quality semi-finished products and the natural wooden veneer alternatives.